vintage bags

One of my very first blog posts was about my obsession with vintage wicker bags. I found these today on quirky finds.

Adding vintage pieces to your wardrobe is like adding art to a home. How about you, do you like wearing a little vintage?



I am in love with this room found on 79 ideas.
Twenty years ago we looked at buying a loft in Tribeca just before work brought us to Nashville.
If life ever brings us back to NY I hope that our loft will look a lot like this one....wide planked floors, huge windows and that "A".


turquoise and green

We are showing a sneak peek of our turquoise and green gingham on Facebook. If you had to pick (you don't) what is your favorite?


lucite love

I have always loved lucite but lately I find myself obsessing over this style lucite desk. This one is a dream.... lucite, white lacquer and bamboo all on one piece of furniture!
It is from Pieces in Atlanta.
This one is from Horchow.
And for a non white option we have this beauty from Mr. Adler.
I have been thinking about making my own version to showcase our jewelry in the store. I will keep you all in the loop on how it goes.



Two of our children have gone to Camp Spring Creek (which is accredited by Orton-Gillingham).
The head of the Camp Spring Creek is coming to Nashville this Wednesday. If you have a child that struggles with reading I highly recommend that you come find out more about it.

call Dana if you live in Nashville and want to come this Wednesday. 943-3701
Or if you don't live in Nashville you can visit their website and give Suzy a call.

The photo above is our daughter enjoying one of the many fun offerings as her reading skills radically improved.


be mine

I know that it is a little early to be thinking about Valentines Day but for those of you who plan ahead I think that this would be a wonderful gift.
jacqueline gnott
$140 is more than most boxes of chocolate but a great deal for an original work of art.


nancy drew

I started reading The Bungalow Mystery to my 8 year old and I am hooked.
Is it weird to be 46 years old and so excited to hop into bed and finish it?
PS I think that Nancy is the coolest.



I am working on design the Fall 2012 line.
This vintage pattern is going to be the inspiration for a new dress.
Do you ever wonder where these women got their waists? Did they not have chocolate back then?



I thought it would be fun to share this photo because of the blazer.
I am in love with the fit. It is 3/4 sleeve which shows off the sleeves of my ruffle blouse.
It belonged to my little brother who wore it to school over 20 years ago. After he outgrew it my mother passed it down to her friend with a younger son. After her boys wore it she boxed it up along with other children's clothes and sent it to me.
So if you are looking for a blazer don't forget the boy's department. And don't forget to pass on some of your kids clothes ... you could make someones day.


wrapping paper

How perfect is this package wrapped by Stephanie at Stephmodo?

winter sale

Today is the day to grab some of our clothing! (Remember that many of our styles can be worn year round.)

cocktail rings

I rarely step out at night with out a big cocktail ring on. (The bigger the better.) I have one that looks like this green one that I have worn for at least 10 years and I never get tired of it.
I am loving these from Kate Spade and beyond loving the packaging!
At $46 with an additional 25% off these are perfect to stash in your presents closet.
How about you ...do you like some big bling on your finger?


nashville store

My brain is about to explode trying to decide if we should do a store in Nashville.
The place that we want to have our store is full with no foreseeable turnover. The other area that I like only has one spot that would work and it is much larger than I need thus making the rent really high.
image via made by girl
I know that a store here is the next step for us I just don't know what to do.
Any words of wisdom?????


vintage patterns

These are my newest inspirations.


I have been cleaning out closets and aiming at organization. Now opening my medicine cabinet makes me happy.
My unmentionables drawer is another story but I got a bunch of these at Aerie the other day. The bra was $9 and the panties were $5 at the store. They are not for the perfect look under a t shirt but I am loving them for winter.

How about you? Are you a matching girl? What are your favorite lines for unmentionables?


back down south

I just realized that I never shared this great photo with you. It was taken by Caroline Fontenot for her blog back down south. This beautiful lady is Lyndal who runs our store in Chattanooga.
She would look cute in a paper bag but I do think that she looks really cute in our Nashville Button Down Dress ...if I do say so myself.

healthy dinner

A friend sent me this recipe for spaghetti squash sesame noodles with edamame this morning and I had to share it with you. It looks so yummy and happens to be gluten free.



I always sit down and enjoy breakfast and dinner but sometimes I eat lunch on the go.
This was my lunch today and it was yummy. I am adding this to my list of grab and go snacks to have on hand.


water colors

I am in love with these water colors by Carrie Waller.

I never get tired of jam jars.


Happy New Year

I hope that you have all had a wonderful break. I have loved being away from the office and my computer. We have enjoyed many cozy fires. I have picked up needlepoint again and we have done a lot of organizing around the house.
Tomorrow is our last day off before the office opens and school starts. I am hoping to get a few more things crossed off my list.