Hugo Grenville

I am loving these paintings by Hugo Grenville that I found on Marisa's blog.

The days seem to be flying by faster than ever.  I hope that all of you moms (and teachers) out there are hanging in there as the last weeks of school seem to be the busiest.



I love the look of cane patterns. Here are some fun goodies from C Wonder.

They are putting me in the mood for a festive weekend!


50% off gift

Here is a little treat for you...
I hope that you are having a wonderful week!


Aunt Lilly

Please forgive me for not blogging in forever! I have not wanted to post until I could write something about this amazing woman...

And thought it would be fun to share a little personal story about her..
Many years ago our rehearsal dinner was at her house and she used these pinatas adorned with strands of pearls and yards of tulle as centerpieces.

That very same day her house was shot for this fun book...
The next Christmas she sent us the book and we opened it to see this written on the first page.
and this on the second...

This book makes me smile every time I look at it.  It is the best "regift" ever.
I snapped this photo of her front door a few weeks ago.  I am sad that I will probably never walk through that door again.
but I am thankful for all of the times that I did and I know that she will continue to inspire me to live life more passionately.