puppy love

Our two white labs need something in their stockings this year.  Not that Lilly has been very good (she has taken to eating the arms of my chairs).  I can't think of anything as cute as these collars from Mascot.  Perhaps if I get her one of these she will start spending her days looking in the mirror.



I just got a delightful catalogue in the mail called Pedlars.  It is the next best think to jumping on a plane to the UK.  (And I love that the owners have 6 kids)


it's begining

to look a lot like Christmas.  I seem to be knee deep in work and Nut Cracker practice lately.  But my heart is longing to do some fun project like Melodie's.  



I am trying to focus on the enjoying and making this Christmas.  However these trees from Pottery Barn have me wanting to buy.  Will I resist?  Will they go on sale?  We shall see.


I am loving this hanging basket from design sponge.  I find anything made with birch bark hard to resist.


She's done it again! Gen of Favorite, has designed an amazing fall collection of must have skirts and tees! If you are in Nashville, stop by the party tonight or tomorrow and pick up a few things. Your closet will thank you! To view all the event details click here. If you miss the party you can still shop Favorite on etsy!
Thanks to Melodie at Pink Cupcake Vintage...I swiped her blog so I wouldn't have to think.


new love....

I am not a soda drinker except for an occasional coke (never diet).  This is like a grow up version of soda.  It is so yummy yet not too sweet.   I am in love.  It also comes in glass bottles...which of course taste even better.


a great deal

For a limited time use the code "onlyten" and you can purchase all of our sale shirts for $10.  This doesn't apply to full priced shirts.  Stock up for holiday gifts.  The new price will be seen when you check out.   www.pearsandbears.com