navy tunic

Betsy combed through our Spring Break photos to create an email blast for our navy tunics.
Sometimes even I can't believe that they are all my kids.

nancy gonzalez

These bags by Nancy Gonzalez spotted on Moda Operandi might be the most fabulous things I have ever seen.
I hope that you are all having a colorful Tuesday!


olive us

I loved watching this little video of the Blair children.
One of the girls is wearing something from our line...can you find it?


It seems like nothing in my life is looking very pretty at the moment.  My husband has been working very late and this is the crazy last week of school.  Field day, talent shows, conferences, graduations, exam schedules, selling books, buying books etc.  With 7 kids in 4 schools this week just isn't pretty but it is still good.

Thanks to a peek on vignette design blog I am taking a one minute vacation to a place and time where I can put my condiments into these fabulous jars from pottery barn.

Ahhhhh, I feel relaxed and refreshed already.  If anyone has seen these in real life can you let me know if they are fire engine red.

I hope that your crazy week has a few vacations.  (Even if they are imaginary and under a minute.)


Tennessee wedding

This Saturday the newest member of our team, Ali,  got married.  The view from the top of a hill in Franklin was breathtaking.

The personal touches were plentiful.

The bride was beautiful!

Here I am with Caroline who heads up our trunk shows and a million other things.

I loved the flowers in the jam jars...

and the adorable flower girls...

more details...

Me, Caroline and Betsy (who creates all of our email blasts and a million other things)

After a delicious dinner everyone had fun dancing...

and at last we got a photo with the popular bride!

I am glad that Scott brought his camera.


chic shop

It is probably a good thing for my budget that Hilary's store is far away.
She did however just add a lot of treasures to her on line store.
Just looking at these glasses make me want to invite friends over for a party.

I hope that you are all having a wonderful Saturday! I have been to two soccer games and am looking forward to a wedding this evening.



Apparently Lyndal and Sarah didn't talk about what they were going to wear to the store today!
Are they adorable or what?  Here at the office we kind of match .....we are all in workout clothes!  No matter what they are wearing I will say that the women I get to work with are the smartest, most fun group I could imagine.


ikea maskros lamp

There are so many fabulous versions of this Ikea maskros lamp. Here is one I did about a year ago for our store in Chattanooga.   I started with some paper bowls and I used curved nail scissors to cut out a flower shape.
I painted the insides with left over pink ceiling paint.
The outsides had a woven texture to them and I loved how the gold paint from Martha Stewart looked on them.
I painted the inside of the lamp with gold spray paint and then hot glued on the bowls.
I was thrilled with the outcome.  The one negative was that the bowls were a little heavy so the top ones leaned down a bit.  I am sure no one else would notice. 
This was not a quick project but I enjoyed the slow cutting part.  It was kind of like having a needlepoint project.

Now on to all of the other projects that I have started but not finished....

I hope that your Monday is off to a great start!

flowers from the yard

The passing of our peony's is made a little easier by the blooming of our hydrangeas.


vintage friday

In truth this was really a vintage Wednesday but I just got around to taking photos today.

I have been collecting tiny vintage suitcases to use in the store and for photo shoots.  (It could get out of hand as I now own about seven.)

This pair needs a good bath and I will be repainting the bases and rewiring but at $4.99 I was in love.
I thought this would be fun for one of our photo shoots.

I hope that you are all heading into a wonderful weekend.

Marie Theres Berger

I am in love with these paintings by Marie Theres Berger found via J.C. Webb's blog.

We are having the most beautiful Spring in Nashville. The sun is strong and the air feels warm and cool at the same time. It makes me wonder how I love any other time of year.


spray paint

Thanks to Martha Stewart via JWK blog all I can think about today is what I can get my hands on to spray paint.

Hope your day if full of fun inspiration!


vintage friday

On Fridays I often like to skip work and head to an estate sale or two. This morning I found some treasures at one near our house.

I have a thing for shells.  I haven't decided if this will make it to the store.  It might be perfect on my desk as a reward for cleaning it off this weekend.

I thought that this big beauty would be perfect with some ferns tucked inside.

I have always wanted one of these...

A vintage slip with the tags still on.

A Vera scarf.  If it cleans up well it will get framed.

My weekend if off to a wonderful start.  I hope that yours is too!


sock hop

The other night my 4th grader went to a sock hop at school. I was in my element....a dress from our line a few years back...vintage jewelry (I wear that daily) and a vintage straw bag (I have way too many of those. Could be time for an intervention.)
I even got to do the makeup (Sophie wasn't home).

I wish that all outfits were this easy!


to do list

I am a list girl. I rarely get through my list and I often misplace my list but I still love to right it down...(always with a sharp pencil). So when I saw this beautiful list on simply selita my heart skipped a beat.
I am going to download one on card stock tonight so I will be ready in the morning.  If you need this beautiful list just head to a pair of pears.  They have generously provided the download for free.

I hope that you Thursday is full of checking things off your list!

more flowers for the office

With an assortment of thrift store containers in hand I thought it would be fun to do each arrangement of peonies with different greenery from our back yard.

This one uses a few extra peony branches...

This one uses licorice plant.  I try to buy some every year for our flower pots.  It is forgiving and I love the velvety look of the leaves.

Here I used variegated vinca that returns every year in our flower pot.

This is clipped from a boxwood or something that looks like one.
Now I am off to do some for the rest of the house. Our peony bush is abundant and I will be sad in a week or so when my favorite flower will no longer be at my fingertips.

I hope that you are enjoying Spring..