guilt group

I don't need any more shoes...but if I did I would be tempted by these on guilt group today.


DIY straw pool bag

On Friday I found these adorable straw bags in the dollar section of Target (they are $2.50). I thought they would be perfect pool bags for my 3 littlest girls this summer.

I have learned from experience that in our house it is easier if we know who's is who's.
I made a stencil by printing a large letter on regular paper and cutting it out with scissors. I taped the page to the front of the bag and covered the exposed areas with tape.
A quick spray of red rustolium and I removed the paper and tape.
Voila! I love a project that takes less than 20 minutes.
Three happy girls.

Are you ready for summer? Tomorrow is our last day of school!


chic child

Chic child is a brand new website founded by NYC moms Christin Rueger and Natalie Schwartz.
We are so honored to be in their CC30! The 30 most useful sites."Consider this your constantly-evolving cheat sheet to the best of the web." They also featured our green ruffle wrap dress in their beautiful round up of florals.
I love it when someone finds all of the beautiful things and I can relax and enjoy looking at them.


forever 21

HELP I have fallen madly in love with these shoes from forever 21.
The store doesn't have my size and they aren't selling them on line. If you see a brown size 7 will you email me asap. I think that they are $28. If you pick them up for me I will pay you back and send you a big present. (Just leave a comment so I don't end up with 4 pairs, I don't love them that much)


I am not sure what I love more the clothes or the photographs.

I hope that your Saturday is this beautiful!


I wanted to introduce you all to the newest member of the Kayce Huhges team. Is he the cutest thing ever? Caroline (formerly not a dog crazy kind of person) got it for her husband (a dog crazy kind of person) as a surprise for his birthday. How sweet is that?
Flint is a toy Australian Shepard and is only 6.4lbs. He is already herding our two big white labs. Needless to say our kids are in heaven.
Flint is officially in charge of entertaining my kids this summer. I think he'll do a great job. What do you think?


I am in love with these nightlights from white rabbit england that I saw on baby ccino kids.
For almost 18 years I have had little ones. In a few weeks my baby is turning 6. I am not one to mourn the passing of time but for some reason this is getting me a little sad.
Just last night as I gave my 3 littlest girls hugs and kisses goodnight (they all share a room) they asked me to close the door more because it is easier to sleep when it is dark.



We are getting rid of all of our sale items. So if you have been tempted today is the day.


chattanooga store

I thought that I would share a shot of our store window in Chattanooga. (Please excuse the yellow, it was taken on my husbands phone.)


low budget

I am so delighted to be a quest over at jpm Designs today. My assignment was high style and low budget.
Please come say hi and see some of the ways I have covered some of the once empty walls in our home.



If you would like free shipping just enter the code: CELEBRATE at check out. If you want to put something on your blog about our new site I would really really really appreciate it because now I have to pay for it!

Is it only Wednesday? I was about to wish you a happy friday!


carpet help

I can not figure out where I found this image but if you know please let me know so that I can give it credit.
I am on the hunt for the "carpet" like the one used in this room. I bought one years ago from pier one imports but they no longer carry it. It was made of lots of 12 inch squares loosely sewn together so that it was easy to add two together etc. I would love any clues you all might have!


spring flowers

I love being able to walk outside and pick some pretty flowers. This is a bunch from our knock out rose bush that has gone crazy this year.
These are some weeds that I found out front by our mail box. I was afraid that they might not last long but they lasted for well over a week (their demise probably had something to do with the water I failed to replenish.)
I had a sweet Mother's Day full of kisses and little treasures (mostly handmade) a long walk with a good friend and no doing dishes.


bad blogger

Sorry for being such a bad blogger lately. I would like to blame it on our new web site.
We have been testing testing testing to make sure that nothing CRAZY happens when you click any of our buttons. I think that we have worked out all of the little kinks. If you have a chance to take a peek please let me know what you think.