I am excited to be heading to NY in the morning.

Now if I could just find the energy to pack?


red shoes

I love red shoes and I love eyelet so I am very tempted by these 9 west shoes that are on sale for $39 tonight only.

What do you think? Are you as tempted as I am?


parson's desk

I am in love with this desk from west elm.  The classic Parson's shape is one of my favorites and I love the natural texture of the grass cloth.

My day was spent at the pool wearing a little less sunscreen than I should. I hope that your weekend is off to a fabulous start too!


date dresses

As many of you know our Saturday evenings are reserved for Date Night.  No matter how crazy our week is, I can count on getting dressed up, a yummy dinner and uninterrupted conversation.

Scott took these before our last 3 dates and I thought they would be fun to share not because I look perfect (I resisted the temptation to photoshop out some wrinkles) but because I hope that they inspire you to have fun mixing things up this summer.

Week #1 dress: Kayce Hughes, ring Kate Spade (old), wood bangles Kayce Hughes, bamboo clutch Glorinha Paranagua (10 years old).

Week#2 dress: vintage, metal clutch: vintage, bracelet via my mother in law and ring: Forever 21(this year).

Week #3 dress: Kayce Hughes, bamboo clutch Glorinha Paranagua, red bangles: Forever 21 a few years ago, ring:Kate Spade

My top three ways to add a little fun to your outfit this summer...
1. Grab some nail polish or lipstick in a color that makes you smile but might be a little bolder than you usually wear.
2. Wear two more bangles than you usually would.
3. Wear a giant cocktail ring.  Many of my favorites are from Forever 21 and cost under $5.

So this summer I hope that you have fun getting dressed up!



How lovely are these dresses?

Please forgive the lack of posts. My days have been full of bringing little kids to the pool and bigger kids to jobs. I hope that you are all having a great summer.


vintage signs

I was delighted to get an email this morning from Jasmin and Luke Stockdale who have just started Side Show Sign Co.  They make vintage educational prints with rods at the top and bottom and giant theatre-style light up marquee letters. Their work has been snatched up for weddings, home-decor, restaurants and branding agencies.

Do you have a favorite?  It is hard to resist a red "K" in lights but I also love the growth chart and how perfect would the eye chart be for a 50th birthday gift.  I continue to be in awe of all the creative talent here in Nashville.


navy tunic

It was such a treat to find our tunic featured in House of Marlowe this morning.
I hope that your Saturday is off to a great start.

PS I am the only one on blogger who forgets to add labels in this new format?


vintage friday lusterware

With everyone home I was not expecting to get to do a "vintage Friday" post. I was pleasantly surprised to pass a garage sale this morning after picking up Sophie from ballet.  I couldn't resist these lusterware dishes.
I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!

CMA awards

This Wednesday Clare was invited to the CMA awards.  She wanted a new dress.  I wanted to have her feel special with out spending a lot and with out her wearing a purple sparkle dress.
This was our compromise.  One of my skirts that she had from this Fall paired with a sparkle shirt from Justice.  (on sale for under $20)  Everyone was happy.  (Except Audrey and Olivia who now want sparkle shirts too.)

I almost forgot the best part.  When they were walking in they met Jordin Sparks and she told Clare that she liked her outfit!  I think that might have earned me a few more years of compromising.



It has been many years since Reagan, my oldest, has modeled my clothes.  In some ways it seems like yesterday that he was wearing our little gingham camp shirts.
It was fun to photograph him in our men's ties.  He loves clothes so I took it as a big compliment that he gave them a thumbs up.

Owen on the other hand doesn't care about what he is wearing or weather his hair has been combed!

I love them both and think that I might need to shoot our ties more often.

the sound of music

I am excited to go see The Sound of Music tonight.  My friend Melodie will be in it!

I hope that your Thursday is full of music!


felt coasters

These felt coasters make me happy. If you are feeling crafty head on over to Purl Bee to see how to make them!

I hope that your Tuesday if off to a great start!


little THINGS...Ikea

I believe that most of life is lived in the little things. The big things always get attention (a birthday, a wedding, a new house, a diamond ring etc). I thought that it would be fun to have a section that celebrates the little things. Little touches that cost little time and or little money yet make you or someone else smile.

So here is my first "little THINGS" post.

For me a trip to Ikea is better than Disney World.  I usually make the 4 hour journey because of a new room or office etc but I love the little things that I find there.  This last time I fell in love with these set of 6 small glasses I had seen at my friend Gen's.  They are perfect for everything from wine or juice for my kids.  I grabbed the tray for Charlotte who loves union jacks.

My salad tongs seem to vanish (sand box) and these felt fun a summery.

I hope that your weekend is full of things that make you smile...big or small.