madly in love with James

I am in love with all of these fabulous outfits.  I want them for myself.  James Andrew you are my new fashion idol.

Etsy love..

How can you not fall in love with these cake toppers from Etsy's Lollipop Workshop.  I saw them via Party Perfect Blog.  As a cake topper $60 is a little pricey.  But as cake topper and room decor it is a little easier to justify.  How adorable would they be lined up on a shelf in her room....adding one per year.  I love collections.  How fun to start this collection for a special little girl in your life.


The arrival of the August J Crew catalogue has put me in the mood for Fall.  I am craving fitted men's wear with bursts of ultra feminine.  I am on the hunt for the perfect blue blazer.  The J Crew one might be a little short for me.


ossie clark

I am in love with this vintage dress by Ossie Clark.  Emma Watson wears it beautifully.


in love...

It all started when my daughter swiped my running shoes as she headed off to sleep away camp.  I found myself in a shopping mall to buy a new pair.  Next to the sports store was a sally beauty supply store.  I have always been curious as to what these stores have to offer and decided to run in.  My ballerina goes through hair nets and pins like I go through chocolate so I picked up a hand full of both.  I also grabbed some wax,  nail files and hair brushes.  (With 5 daughters and a lab that likes to chew, we go through a lot of hair brushes)  As I was checking out I grabbed the above mini lip gloss.  I am in love with it.  I ran back in this morning to buy 10 more.  They have no smell, are very moisturizing and long lasting (for a gloss).  At less that .99 cents each I am sending one to each girl in Sophie's cabin....to thank her for swiping my shoes.