Kayce's Shop..

I thought I'd tell you about a little promotion we are doing.  I just added this adorable jewelry by Renee Courtney to my shop.  This week if you buy any jewelry from my shop you will get a $10 gift card.  (that includes the women's jewelry)

Thank you Mrs. Brown

My 6 year old's teacher emailed me this pic today.  I guess they were making Easter hats.  I love that confident look in her eyes.  I hope that she will always know that what she wears on the outside can't define who she is on the inside.



I am loving the sunshine we have seen lately.  Every spring I wish I could do nothing but work in the garden.   The reality is I spend very little time gardening, which is reflected in how it looks.  Year after year my peonies delight me by bursting through my clay filled soil and producing the most beautiful flowers.   

These beautiful watercolors are by Jacqueline Gnott and they rival the real thing.

What flowers do you love to have in your garden?


pillow talk

I am in love with these pillows from Table Tonic.  I could do a room around any one of these.

find of the week...

My green and red kitchen is the perfect home for vintage treasures like these salt and pepper shakers.  That is why I have a hard time saying no.  At $2 I couldn't resist.



I am loving this necklace by Leslie Lewis.   I spotted it at Design Mom.  At $95 it is a great deal and a perfect mother's day gift...hint hint.

a great Saturday

A great Saturday.  Warm sunshine, weeding, pressure washer, wash the patio cushions, clean out the garage,clean up the yard and wash the cars.  It doesn't get any better than that.  (Unless you have a lawn service and or kids that never complain.)


storage love...

I am always on the look out for beautiful storage.  When I saw these over at A Room Somewhere my heart skipped a beat.  Stackable, cheap, customizable and affordable storage...my life may never be the same!

Now I really want to turn my yukky basement laundry room into gem.  I can see it now... a bin for everyone with their names beautifully painted to match my almost all white clean room.


country living april issue

Six months ago our home was photographed for Country Living.  And now it is on the news stands.  I am hopeful that it brings some extra awareness for Kayce Hughes/Pears and Bears.  (It seems to be doing wonders for my 16 year olds facebook.  I guess those 16 year old girl readers of Country Living thing he is pretty cute).

A huge thanks to writer Beth Ann Fennelly, photographer Bjorn Wallander, stylist Natasha Louise King and every one at Country Living for making me look a little better than I really am.

See if you can guess what items were added from the stylist.  


I wrote about Leslie Evers here.  I love her dresses as much now as I did then.  The first shot is not the best but it is me in one of her dresses on my spring break.  They are as cute in real life as they are on her website.

home from spring break

Home from spring break.  Loads of fun fishing, shelling, swimming and eating.  Computers were replaced by backgammon and cards and lots of laughing.


spring break

We are off to the Bahamas.  No phones, no Internet, no work and no blogging.


book lust

Its hard not to love someone with 7 kinds...right?  I remember falling in love with Robert and Cortney Novogratz years ago when they were in some magazine.  I was reminded of them the other day when talking with Beth Ann Fennelly who was had written about them and was doing an article on me.  I googled them and was thrilled to see that they are going to do a reality TV show for Bravo.  I think I might have to start watching TV.  Until then I want to get their book Down Town Chic.


The only sad thing about being in the middle of the Bahamas next week is knowing that Liberty is hitting target stores.  It will probably be gone by the time I come back.  I vividly remember Christmas morning when I was about 10.  Santa brought me 4 beautiful gifts from Liberty.  I still use the jewelry bag.  If target is empty when I return I can console myself by going to Liberty Merci...not target prices but still fabulous.


photo shoot

One of the highlights of the weekend was the 2 hours my husband and I spent shooting the women's line.  We usually fight over the camera but this time I only took a few of the pics.  Our beautiful model was a trooper as we zoomed through the arm load of outfits.  I'll show you more later but this is one of my favorites.


paper dolls

I am in love with this paper doll set made by Alli at one pearl button.  She printed out pages of Betsy Mc Call paper dolls and put them on magnetic paper.  My girls would love them.  Click on the link to see how she did it.

If you are feeling a little less crafty we have a cute set in Kayce's shop for $16.  It would make a sweet addition to an Easter basket.


new blog

I love finding a great new blog.  New as in new to me.  Today I found blond designs.  Even better I found one of my dresses hiding in their beautiful photos.  They have some great downloads for parties!


white friends

This beautiful painting by Carol Marine is dedicated to all of my white friends.  No I am not talking about the color of your skin but the color of your homes.  I want to be white but every time I try beautiful colors keep flooding in.  So I love to visit and enjoy your homes.  One of you needs to snatch up this beautiful painting for $100.


vintage easter

I am loving the Papier-Mache Nesting eggs from williams sonoma.  I have a bunch of them that I got at a garage sale but I can't remember how many the dog's ate last Easter.

snack time

After school snack is one event that none of my children miss.  Some days it is healthy, most days it is not.  Some days it is homemade, most days it is not.  But now every day it can be beautiful!  I just got these small melamine "appetizer" plates from target for 99 cents each.  Paired with our cherry napkins every afternoon will be off to a good start.


spring for only $7.99-$9.99

I love love love large rings.  I stumbled on these while hunting for swim suits for my girls.  I am thinking the yellow.  What is your favorite?