white lacquer box

Loving this box from sugar paper!

men's watches

I have worn large men's watches for over 20 years and I still love them. Lately I am craving one with fun colorful straps. I would love one of these beauties from Gilt Group.


southern living

I am thrilled to be in the August issue of Southern Living.
Now I need to find my behind the scene photos that I have been waiting to share with you all.
The team at SL was such a delight to work with.
I am having trouble thinking about boots and corduroy right now!



I am in love with these looks from Dsquared.

Loving the higher waist. And whats not to love about pink pants?

navy or green

I love wearing a fun top with a pair of white jeans. Both of these from anthropology are perfect.
How to choose between the perfect classic navy....
and this fun green. To me they are great for summer but I also love how they are showing them for fall with a jacket.


wood tassel

I am looking for some wood tassels about 3inches long. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

I am going to need 20 so they can't be very expensive.


tunic dress

Here is the last of our new summer dresses the tunic dresses. It really is one of my favorites. I think that I will have to grab it for date night. After midnight they will go back to full price.
Time to start dreaming up some early fall dresses. Any thoughts?????

style blueprint

My friends at Style Blueprint asked me to do a post on fashion for the expecting mother. It has been a while so I had to do some research. We are thinking of adding a little bit of maternity to our line. What do you think?


summer dresses

Here are two of our new summer dresses.

Have you been wearing your dresses this week? Here in Nashville it is too hot not to!


bella foster

I just found these works by artist bella foster via JWK style. It was love at first sight.

Aren't they beautiful?

small magazine

Such a treat to see our green bikini and our striped bikini in Small Magazine this morning!

Maybe next time I will need to go on location with them.


lyndal dress

Here is our new Lyndal dress in pink swirl dot.
I love this fabric.
This looks great with navy, black or gold for evening. I also love to pair it with Kelley green for a fun preppy look. Grab one this week for a special price of $98.


sheridan french

Have I been living under a rock? I was so excited to find another crazy blogging mother/clothing designer who is into natural childbirth and has a white lab over 100lbs!

I am in love with this bureau she painted from her blog.
And you can check out her beautiful clothing line here.

Thanks Blue Hydrangea for the introduction!

new dress

Yesterday we shot some of our new women's dresses on Sophie. I am in shock at how grown up she looks.
This might be my favorite dress ever. I have had it for 10 days and I have already worn it at least 4 times.
I love it paired with turquoise, navy or gold. We are offering a special on our new dresses for this week only. We are going to introduce one each day. How do you like Monday? What would you wear it with?



I won't lie, summer is not the easiest time for me. I love the freedom from school, homework etc but it seems like as soon as I get the kitchen cleanish from one meal everyone wants to know what's for the next meal. I think God gave me this daughter so that I wouldn't go totally bonkers.
In her free time she adores playing with her 3 younger sisters. The other day they decided to make a video of Cinderella. Here she is pretending to be the fairy godmother. (Can you see the wand that she made out of a pencil?)
Hope everyone had a sweet weekend!


I am loving these red frames from Elle Decor found via Tobi Fairley.
I love the look of lots of black and whites in a hallway.


red shoes

Why do I keep finding fabulous shoes that are over my budget?

vintage flowers

I love the look of vintage enamel flowers and know I want them playing some part in my new store design. I just came across these from urban outfitters and am in love.
If my dressing rooms have drapes I will get these for sure.