For me, things seem to slow down a little in the summer.  So I am having a lot of fun sprucing things up around the house.  I moved my 3 girls into my boy's room and vise versa.  I moved all of my son's beautiful black and white photo's to their new room.  Everything looked great except for one large empty wall.  (I hate empty walls)  So I thought that it would be fun to create a large piece for the empty wall.  I got a canvas that is 4' x 5'.  My 10 year old son Owen and I had fun decoupaging torn out pages from a book onto the canvas.  Then we covered the canvas with shellac.  The next day I threw on some high gloss navy paint.  Owen and I had a blast and we don't have to look at an empty wall.


enough for my family..

I am always falling in love with vintage printed glassware.  But with 7 kids I only purchase daily glassware that can be easily replaced.  I am loving these modern versions from Fish's Eddy.


to cheap to pass up

Country Living is arriving to shoot my house in less than one month.  It is the perfect reason to spruce up the many things that have needed sprucing up.  My focus therefore has been on my home and not my wardrobe.  This weekend however I walked into the Gap and walked out with two of these.  They were on sale for $17.  With my Gap card I got an additional 25% off.  And that, for me, is to cheap to pass up.



I think that these little necklaces from the baby gardner are a cute treat for a little girl.  My littlest girl turned 4 today.  Time really does fly.


Most of these wedges are $29 from Victoria's Secret.  At that price...why not.


I love these tags from popptags.  Paired with my new favorite red.....BROADSIDE
it is a perfect gift.

a special day

Today was the day that my daughter Sophie has been waiting for.  Today she bought her first pair of toe shoes.  Her little sisters all ohhed and ahhed over how beautiful they are.  I am awed by how disciplined she is.  


clothing swap

Here I am running out the door wearing my new jeans and shirt and carrying my new bag.  Total cost of my new out fit..... free.  My friend Gen and I are the same size and love the same things.  She came up with the great idea to have a clothing swap.  We set a date and both cleaned out our closets for a couple weeks.  I loaded up my car and headed to her house.  Over fresh lemonade we caught up while picking out what we wanted from one another.  My closet was cleaned out, I had an armload of fun new clothes, I got to spend an hour with a friend drinking lemonade and no money left my wallet.