small magazine

I love these photos from small magazine.  They feature two items from our pears and bears spring line.  Check out lots of cool things in this online kids magazine.


country living

I am loving these images from Country Living Magazine.  (And not just because they featured our anchor necklace)  If I had a beach house I would want it to look just like this.



I have been a fan of Simon Pearce for decades.  When I got married (18 years ago) I knew exactly what glasses to register for!  Back then they had a much smaller selection.  I still love my glasses and lots of the beautiful things that they have added over the years. 


summer table

My mother does everything beautifully.  When I was home a few weeks ago I was admiring the beautiful blue pots that she had scattered on the dinner table stuffed with white carnations.  I was thinking that they were probably found at an expensive shop on worth ave.  They were actually from Jamali garden and cost 99 cents.  I am finally getting around to ordering some. Their web site if full of fun goodies.


Dreaming of Summer

As the rain comes down for the umpteen day in Nashville...I am dreaming of summer.  My favorites from Kate.


chairs for my patio

At $129 I think that these chairs are awesome.  (west elm)  They are pretty enough to bring in doors.  Sadly my patio is a little too earthy so I will keep looking.  Let me know if you see anything...green, brown and very comfortable.

pillow talk

I am in love with these pillows from Jonathan Adler.  


mod cloth

What did people with ADHD do before the Internet?  I was searching for one of my favorite things...anchors and came across this fun site...mod cloth.  I feel like I just left my favorite thrift store.