scott hughes photography

Today is the last day to take advantage of Scott's 55% off deal on Style Blueprint.  So if you live in Nashville or know someone who does head on over.  Most of the work on Kayce Hughes is shot by him.  The following are some of my favorites for clients...

After all a picture is worth a thousand words. I hope that you are enjoying the last bit of your weekend!


under water

In college I was a studio art major and specialized in drawing, painting and photography. (Those were the olden days before digital photography.) I love all forms of art but those 3 hold a special place for me.

 I am in love with the photography of Christy Rogers that I found on Art Stormer.  All of her images are done under water and she does not use post-production manipulation.

I love how they feel both modern and old world at the same time.


pink jewels

Occasionally one of my older daughters will drag me into Forever 21.  The lack of seating and the loud music lets me know that I am not their target demo.  This 46 year old is wise enough to say no to the adorable crochet short shorts but I usually say yes to some of their ridiculously cheap, fun and colorful jewelry.  My last visit reminded me that I didn't own any ballet pink arm candy.
Like this 
or this.

And because more is always more....they all 3 came home with me and were invited to go on Date Night with us.
How about you?  Any new arm candy or Date Nights?



It is hard to believe that it is time for our big Spring/Summer sale.
Please spread the word.
(I need your help to sell it all and make room for some fabulous Fall goodies.)

printed paper

I am in love with these prints by KatharineWatson they are made with hand carved linoleum blocks (found via Style Court).

I think that they are too pretty to not to frame and put up on the wall. don't you?


color combinations

Do you have a favorite color combination?  Mine is pink and red.  I love a handful of other ones but there is something about red and pink that makes my heart beat a little bit faster.

So this post via heart handmade made me smile this morning....well that and my cappuccino.


vintage enamel jewelry

This was me heading out the door last Saturday for date night.

I hope that you are all having a wonderful 4th of July.


anchor necklace

I am really excited about these anchor necklaces that I made.  The have been a labor of love, from drawing the anchor to sourcing the perfect antique brass chain.

I would love to know what you think. Do you have a favorite color? Happy almost 4th!


$5 masterpiece

With summer in full swing I am not doing as much thrifting as I might like. But the other day I was dropping my teenager off at work and while driving home I passed a garage sale. A bamboo mirror screamed "buy me" just in time for me to turn right into the drive way. Along with the $10 bamboo mirror this $5 framed painting was quickly loaded into the car with a pair of earrings that were thrown in for free.
So in less than 5 minutes I was on my way with 3 great finds. Perhaps my summer will include some thrifting after all.